2011 News

to be held in Thomaston (Rockland Area), Maine
September 8 & 9.  
We will have a shopping excursion in Rockland on Saturday September 10

We are happy to announce  that Rev. Vonda Guidry will be our featured speaker. She and her Husband, John are Missionaries to


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Salamanca, Spain and Mexico. Come expecting a blessing from this annointed preacher.

We are excited to have the Apostolic Christian Life Center in Thomaston (Rockland) Maine host this years conference. Rockland is a quaint Maine town situated on the Atlantic Coast line. There are a lot of things to see and do at this location. Rev. Walter and Sister Henderson is the Host Pastor.

There will be an informal banquet on the evening of September 8. We will have an authentic Maine Experience with a homecooked Lobster dinner cooked expecially for you by Bro. and Sis. Henderson. There will be singing and a skit. Rev. Brenda Bowley, the President of the Ladies Ministeries of Maine and the Northeast will be the special speaker. Come expecting an evening of fun and relaxation!


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Be sure to watch our web page and get all the information concerning this wonderful, uplifting conference! We will have more information concerning motel costs etc. All preachers need to “get away from it all” occasionally. Jesus is our example in all things, and He taught the disciples to “push off from the shore” to rest and be renewed in their spirit.

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If you are a lady who is called to preach the gospel, or, if you are praying about whether you are called to preach, Please come to this conference! We will pray with you and trust that the Lord will speak to your heart! He will show you His Will. Let Him speak to you via His Word!

This conference is for learning new methods in ministry, and to have fellowship with our sisters of like-calling. It is also a time of relaxation and renewal. There have been many who have come during the last several years who were praying and seeking the Lord to confirm their call into the ministry. It is a great time to pray and to be prayed for!